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Pupdate: Stella

I've dreaded the day that it would happen and hoped it was far off in the future, but it happened.  My sweet, stubborn, sassy tripawd passed away.  She had her appointment in June that showed the nodules in her lungs grew so we stopped the chemo pills.  She was continuing to do very well and be her spunky self.   I had an out of town trip and I was worried to leave her for such a long time and told Will to call me if anything funny happened.  Unfortunately on day 3 of my trip, I got the call that she had been throwing up multiple times and acting very lethargic. I decided I needed to get home as I couldn't imagine something happening and not being there. So, I got home the next day (which was a Friday) and she definitely wasn't right.  She had thankfully stopped throwing up, but was lethargic and not too interested in food. We babied her through the weekend as she was status quo.  On Monday, both Sarge & Stella had an oncology appointment scheduled, so that was a big re

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