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Happy Fall Ya'll

 WOW - I have been really bad at keeping my blog updated.  Sorry friends! There isn't a whole lot to share, but the best news is that Stella has completed her chemo treatments and is doing great!  She goes back in October for more blood work and scans to see how she's looking. I had a CF appointment on September 15th.  It was probably the fastest appointment I've ever had!  Due to COVID, we weren't doing PFTs at clinic so I did mine using my home spirometer the afternoon before.  First I met with my respiratory therapist who was pleased with my PFTs, but reminded me that I still need to be using my vest.  I won't lie - I have slacked off lately.  I'm feeling great, so it's easy to skip. Oops!  Oh - and since I can't cough anything up to culture, I got gagged.    Next, I met with my CF doctor and we caught up on everything.  I skipped getting my flu shot in clinic because I wanted to wait to go with Will.  We've made it a tradition since marriage to g

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