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Updates and Pupdates

Wow - I'm really sucking at keeping this blog updated.  I guess the good news is that I'm feeling great, don't even think about having CF and busy living my life. Unfortunately my time is mostly spent caring for my bulldogs.  They are getting older and basically falling apart - when I think one is fine, the other has an issue and vice versa.  So I might as well turn this into a quick summary of me and a pupdate.   Janauary It was a pretty quiet month.  Will got Covid, but did fine.  We kept him quarantined to the pool house, so I managed not to get it! yay!  I went to visit my bestie that got a kidney transplant in December. So we enjoyed a few days of hanging at the house and bingeing some tv - it was perfect.  And she is doing amazing, so I couldn't ask for more!  Then me and 4 girlfriends went to Greenville, SC to see Reba in concert!  Oh to be packed in with thousands of people again - it was great to feel normal but a bit freaky too!  Stella had an oncology appoint

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