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26 Days

Its been 26 days.  I don't know how that much time has passed, but yet it still seems like moments ago.  I've contemplated this post a million times, but whenever I start to type I shut down.  I've been hoping that if I don't acknowledge the truth that perhaps it isn't real.  I've never lost a family member so suddenly and shockingly.  I've only lost my grandparents, while still absolutely heartbreaking and life changing, I knew they were older and lived long lives...and in some cases their passing ended their pain and illness.  But this is different.  I never fathomed the loss of a parent.  That was something that should be many many years from now when they too are old and grey.  So, why would this happen now?  Why would God take someone that we still needed here?  I am so very mad with the big man upstairs.   For those that don't know.  My bonus dad passed away on November 17th from Covid.  He was only 60 years old...far too young and healthy for this

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