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Quarantine Catch Up

I apologize for my silence the past few months.  I won't's been rough.  And now we are at the 1 year mark from when I started hunkering down due to Covid-19 (read  here ).   I never would have imagined that the past year was spent mostly at home (I'm sure a lot of people can relate). Thankfully my health has been great.  I've been on Trikafta for over a year now! WOW!!  What a great accomplishment and I'm so thankful for how it has made such an amazing impact on my life.  My lungs feel open and clear..and I hardly ever cough.  I'm still using my vest, which I'll have to admit, I've slacked off some.  I'm working to get my act back in line for a daily vest session.  I'm loving my Peloton - nothing better than a good sweat session on the bike.  I use the digital app when I take my walks so it encourages me to push my pace and plays some good tunes.  I've also ventured out with the strength training classes - I do need to get some bette

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