Christmas Card Outtakes

I usually have our Christmas cards ordered and ready for the mail by now, but I'm a bit behind this year.  However, I have over 75% of my Christmas shopping done which is beyond unusually...I'm the person that is usually scrambling the week of Christmas!

So, I've given up on a family photo as I have no idea when I'll get Will to sit down for a picture...and the pups!  So since Will had an out of town meeting today, I took it upon myself to try and get a cute puppy picture today.  Oh my!  I went out and bought some cute Christmasy collars, I wanted the antlers and santa hat but knew that would be virtually impossible to capture by myself.  So I settled for collars and attempted to put the pups by our Christmas tree.  Here are a few outtakes from our photo session:

Hopefully next year we can have some professional photos my fabulous friend at KP Photography!


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