A few off days

This week sure has been more eventful then I wished.  Got home from New Jersey on Tuesday and it seemed to go down hill from there.  On Wednesday, I had to take the pups for a check-up on their skin, which is doing great but the vet wants to keep them on their medicine for another 3 weeks.  So, afterwards, I decided to be a fun mom and take them on an outing to Pet Smart.  Due to being alone and needing to buy some food, I stuck the pups in a cart to be able to control them better...wrong!  Long story short, Stella decided it would be fun to jump out of the cart!

She landed square on her head and did a somersault onto her back - it was terrifying!!  I scooped her up and ran to the grooming area to see if they had a vet, but they didn't.  She was acting a bit goofy and out of it, so I checked out and headed back to the vet.  Of course, they weren't surprised to see the crazy bulldog lady again!  The vet checked her out and said she was fine.  He assured me it probably hurt and scared her which is why she was acting a bit odd...  A few days have passed now and she's fine, but it sure scared the crap out of me!

So, then Friday rolled around and Will had to travel to Atlanta for some meetings - he left before me and the pups woke up.  When I did wake up, I felt pretty crummy.  My chest was very tight and it hurt to take a deep breath and to cough plus my body ached all over.  I was hoping it would go away but it didn't and it started to freak me out as to how tight my chest was, so I emailed my doctor.  She gave me a call and I went over my symptoms with her and she asked if I could come in for a chest x-ray just to be sure everything was OK.  So, I did and thankfully the lungs looked good.  My lymph nodes were swollen and my throat was a bit read but no temperature.  She decided to put me on Cipro to help the cough that had increased and said to take some ibuprofen for the pains/aches - plus I was advised to take it easy until I was feeling better.

My wonderful hubby came home last night and took over puppy duty so I could go to bed early and sleep in!!  I felt a bit better this morning and have slowly felt better as they day has passed...although, I'm still trying not to overdo it.  Hopefully, this funk will be gone soon!!


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