Catching Up

WOW - I forgot to tell about my success at Lent!! I didn't cheat once and stuck to my denying myself of Sour Patch Kids and pop (soda - you know what I mean) - woohoo!  Since Lent, I've devoured my share of Sour Patch Kids and have adopted pop back into my life.  However, I'm limiting myself to one pop per day in hopes to keep me from getting hooked again.

I started Cayston yesterday - going well so far!  Noticed a slight increase in cough this afternoon, but could be a result of being outside - there is still pollen floating around and I've taken some Claritin the past few days as well.  I thought it was gone, but I was wrong!

Books:  I read two in the first 10 days of April!  The first was Silver Girl by Elin Hilderbrand and the second was the classic Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  Silver Girl kept me hooked and on my toes as the story unfolded about a woman and her journey after her husband was arrested for a ponzi (sp?) scheme, plus a little love story on the side makes every book a happy book :)  I think I read Pride and Prejudice in Middle or High School, but I can't remember and I didn't remember anything while I was reading it.  It was hard at first for me to get into because of the language of the era - heck, I didn't understand some of it and just kept reading hoping it would make sense and sometimes I cheated with the Kindle because I can highlight a word and it tells me the definition :)  I really enjoyed it and spent a lot of time reading outside while the pups played (and got a tan!).  I'm eager to read some more of Jane Austen's books!  I'm sticking with the classics for now and have started The Scarlet Letter.  Its taking sometime to get into but I imagine I'll get hooked in no time.

Great Strides:  We are less than a week away now!!  We are about to reach $4,000!!  Still a good distance from my goal, but I appreciate all the donations!  You can donate too at: CF Stinks

I hope everyone has a great week!!


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