Birthday Time

I guess its been so long since I blogged since I've been having a wonderful time celebrating my birthday!  It was June 6th, but I tend to claim a whole week (at least) to celebrate - I think everyone should :)

My birthday started with a trip to Hilton Head Island with the hubby!  It had been a while since just he and I went on a trip, so we took off for the weekend!  We relaxed at the pool, took a few walks on the beach, did some shopping, ate some fabulous food, got massages, and had a great time!

After our weekend away, Will had LASIK surgery and all went well.  So I played nurse again for a few days with all his eye drops.  Its a rather amazing thing, within 24 hours he had 20/20 vision - wow!

My birthday was on a Wednesday and we went to Greenwood to have dinner with my mom and stepdad and then on Thursday we went over to Matt and Brandy's house to cookout with some more of our friends.

On Friday, I went off to New Jersey to visit my dad, stepmom and sisters!  Its hard to believe but it has been close to 15 years since I actually got to celebrate my birthday with them.  Living so far away does that, so I was overjoyed to celebrate with them.  I went to my sister Corinne's dance recital, which was great.  I think she got her moves from me (not!).  We hung out at their pool and just got to hang out.  My dad has a slight addition to Dunkin Donuts coffee, so I joined him on a few runs (bonus being that they have a Baskin Robbins attached).  And to my surprise, I got my all time favorite ice cream - Orange Sherbert on a Sugar Cone - yummy!  It was like I was 5 all over again - see!!
Best Ice Cream EVER!!!
Then, on Sunday the fam went into New York City for the day - woohoo!  We walked around Time Square hitting some of the tourist hot spots then went to see Jersey Boys.  I have been dying to see this show for a long time now (I LOVE musicals!! I want to see them all!).  Needless to say, I was stoked and loved every second of the show.  As we were walking out, I told dad that I wanted to see it again, right now!
Me and Daddy before Jersey Boys!
I came home on Tuesday after a crazy travel day - my handle broke on my carry on suitcase and I had flight delays...just a mess, but I got home safely (that's all that mattered to me)!  So, I've been recouping this past week, catching up on cleaning and laundry and all that in between!

Its hard to believe that I'm 29 - I still feel like I'm still a teenager!  Oh well - guess I should be happy I still get carded when I buy a beer :)  Here's to making my last year of my 20s the best yet!!


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