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I had a pretty busy week last week that I've been meaning to write about, but just don't seem to sit down to do it.  So, here I sit in the kitchen on this slightly chilly afternoon, listening to the rumbling of my sweet bulldogs snoring...

I had the opportunity to speak to 2 different high schools here in South Carolina about Cystic Fibrosis.  The first one, Gilbert High School, invited me to speak on Tuesday evening to one of their student organizations, HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America).  HOSA has adopted the CF Foundation as their service project (for the next 2 years).  I went to college with one of the advisors (Hi, Sue Ellen!) and she invited me to speak to the group.  Will wasn't able to join me as planned that evening, so my faithful friend Brandy joined me for the special occasion.  I won't lie, I was nervous.  I was actually a little intimidated going to speak to a group of 30-40 teenagers.  But, I knew this was my opportunity to share about CF and what impact they are making by supporting the CF Foundation.
Awesome Organization!!
I shared with the students the basic facts of CF and then shared with them about my life living with CF.  The HOSA members are a wonderful group of students and Gilbert High should be very proud of them.  They welcomed me with open arms, fed me (woohoo), and were very attentive and interested in my story.  I'm overjoyed that a young group of students care about the cause so dear to me and want to make a difference.  Here are some pics of the evening:

I talk with my hands, can't you tell :)
Bad pic, but I brought a bag of my meds to show everyone.
My right-hand (wo)man!
HOSA recorded my presentation and will show it on their morning news in the next few weeks!  Eek!

My second speaking opportunity was at my alma mater, Emerald High School.  I spoke to my little brother's Genetics class.  He is doing a report on CF and invited me to speak to his class on Wednesday (of course, he gets some extra credit!).  I spoke of the same topics and again was surprised at the attention from the class.  I guess I don't give teenagers enough credit, but they were very interested and engaging.  I'm very thankful that I had the opportunity to speak to these students and spread awareness about CF.

Emerald High School 
Forgot to take a pic that day, but here's me and my not-so-little, little bro :)

 I'd love to continue working to spread CF Awareness - perhaps, I've found my calling...


  1. Wow this is great how you are bringing awareness to the "younger" generation. The more anyone knows about CF the better our community will be!

    Just by looking at the pictures I can tell you look like you were born to be a speaker. Looks like you didn't even use note cards??? I would say it is your calling.

    So this video that they did of your presentation, will you get a copy of it? I would love to see you in action!!!

    Just wanted to let you know that you rock cyster and keep spreading awareness.

    Someday I want to speak to a group of people about CF and the impacts but who knows when I will get time to do that now :)

  2. I am just catching up with life after being away from GHS for a while and wanted to thank you again for coming to speak with our students! Everyone raved about you and your presentation. I hate I missed it!

    Maybe you have found your calling! ;-)
    Take care!


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