A Heavy Heart

I'm writing with a heavy heart today.  Some of you out there may have heard of a little boy from Kentucky named Dalton.  Well, he had CF and sadly he lost his battle on Saturday night.

I didn't know Dalton, but I found myself crying over his loss.  Is it odd to mourn someone you didn't even know?  Somehow this special 9 year old boy managed to touch my life.

CF is real - CF takes lives and it doesn't care how old you are.  Life is short, and I must remember to cherish every moment I have.

With the Great Strides walk approaching, I've found some added motivation to raise money.  We can find a cure!


  1. It is not odd at all to mourn our little man Dalton! As you have probably read on my blog this little man really impacted me. Live everyday and tell the ones that are close to you that you love them because life is so SHORT!!


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