Perhaps I've been extra cranky lately, but it seems like things get more and more annoying to me.  I've been making a mental list of things that drive me bonkers and I figured I would share them with you all :)

1) People not cleaning the gym equipment.  A-nnoy-ing!  I mean, they put the disinfectant spray and paper towels all over the place, so use it people!!!  Wipe your nasty sweat off the treadmills and all the other equipment you use...why do I have to touch your dirty bodily fluid?!

2) Men wearing spandex.  Eek!  Ok - Michael Phelps can wear his spandex swimsuit, but I can't really think of anyone else that would make it appropriate...especially at the gym.  I've been seeing this guy lately, probably late 60s, early 70s and he is just as happy as can be prancing around in his spandex shorts at the gym.  Sooo gross.

3) People smoking while my car windows are down.  The weather has been extra great lately and I drive around with my windows down enjoying the weather.  But, when I pull up to a red light or next to someone thats smoke, it comes in my car!  So, I have to be inconvenienced and roll up my windows.  Sends me to the moon some days.

4) Inconsiderate smokers.  I know several smokers that are very considerate of others, especially me, which I am thankful.  But, man, there are some rude ass people out that there that are unconscious that they are stinking up my air.  I was in New York City for a night this past weekend and could not believe the smokers.  I thought NYC was supposed to be hip and setting trends?!?!  There were people everywhere with the cigarettes...walking down the road, standing in front of office buildings, everywhere I looked.  And of course, they could care less who was walking by or where they blew out their stinky air.

5) People not holding up to their commitments.  When you say you are going to do something or be somewhere - do it.  Enough said.

6) People not taking care of their animals.  Perhaps I follow too many rescue sites on Facebook, but its depressing seeing all these poor animals without homes.  I just read about a dog that someone found in a trash can...some a-hole threw her out.  Surprisingly, she is extremely emaciated, but alive!

Well, that's enough negativity for one night :)  Sweet dreams!


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