As I previously mentioned, I became an aunt (again) last month.  Therefore, I have been doing some shopping in the 9 months leading up to these precious babies....some online.  So, I have been receiving baby stuff in the mail, as expected.  However, I didn't expect to receive baby formula and a "congratulations on your baby" package!!

I chuckled about it and passed the formula on to Brandy :)  Then, a week or so later, I received some coupons and a postcard reminding me to set up my registry at Babies R Us.  What?!?  I laughed more and passed on the coupons, but of course didn't set up a registry.  I started wondering what in the world I did to get this stuff...and I still have no clue!

Oh, but it was only the beginning!  Since this started back in May, I have received another package of formula, several coupons for formula, some coupons for birth announcements, and a few magazines for parents and babies.  Oh my!!  Is this a sign that we should have a baby?

To be continued...


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