Life gets in the way sometimes, don't you think?  There are things I want to do and mean to do (like update my blog), but then I get distracted by Life.  Good things, bad things, and things in between.  So, here's a little update on what's been going on.

We've had a house guest the past four weeks, actually a patient :)  My stepdad has been staying with us to recover from his 5 week hospital stint.  Thankfully, I'm happy to report he is doing extremely well and almost back to his old self.  I got to play nurse and administer his IV antibiotics, flush the PICC line and keep up with all his meds.  I rather enjoyed that!  I even cooked a lot of meals for us all.

Since life was so crazy the past 9 weeks with the illness & recovery, I decided to resign from my job.  It was a hard decision to make because I really enjoy where I work.  Its only part-time, but it gets me out of the house and helps me use my brain.  But I am very fortunate that I have the opportunity to focus on my family and devote my time to them.

Unfortunately, my exercising has also slacked due the busyness of life :(  I was going to the gym 5 days a week, running 2 miles every time plus working out with a trainer 2 days a week.  After missing about 5 weeks straight, I'm lucky to get there 1-2 times a week.  I did make it to work out with my trainer 3 times this week!!  Getting back into the groove of things is hard.  My stamina is down, and frankly it hurts (a good hurt).  My body has forgotten what it feels like to be used and it screams at me when I use it...but, I keep pushing.  I'm going to get back into shape!

On the CF side, I'm in the middle of week 2 of Cayston.  As usual, I got my day 2 Cayston cough, but after that have been fine.  I still haven't started the HTS :/  I will do it - I swear!!  I had a belly ache for a few days...still not sure what that was about but I'm glad it is gone.

Here's hoping I will get back to my normal life soon!


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