Gym Frenemy

I read an article in a magazine (can't remember which one) the other day about having a 'frenemy' at the gym.  I chuckled to myself as I read the various reader remarks about their frenemies.  After today's kickboxing class, I thought I'd share a bit about my gym frenemies :)

I tend to stay in the same spot when I take classes, so in my mind, it is MY spot.  Now, when I am new to a class, I tend to fill in a gap as to not take anyone else's spot, because I know how annoying that can be ;)  Anyway, I have been taking a kickboxing class for just a few weeks now, so I'm not particularly partial to a spot yet, but I have a region of the room I stick too.  I showed up a few minutes before class and filled in the big open spot.  Then, once class started, a late comer joined in and got right up on me.  I scooted as much as I could, careful not to encroach on someone else's spot.  But, she keep coming!!  So, I made the decision to just stand my ground at that point.  Class progressed and the kicking started!!  I felt like I missed out some because I was too worried about kicking the person!!  Perhaps I shall try the other side of the room next time :)

Another frenemy story is about a guy at the gym that is insanely loud.  He grunts when he lifts weight, grunts when he is on the treadmill, and sweats profusely!!  He makes me want to work out harder and get the heck away from him!

Overall, I like working out at the gym.  There is always someone there that helps give me that boost to do an extra rep or push myself those extra minutes in cardio.


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