Counting Down

I love counting down to big events!  And I have a few coming up!

Easter -just 4 more days!!!
Woohoo!  Then, I can eat sweets again.  I just can't wait!  I have decided that I will try to keep my sweets to a minimum from now on, but not give them up totally!  To assist my goal here, I am vowing not to buy myself any candy, but will definitely eat any people give me.  So, if you want to get me some candy - go for it!  I love Sour Patch Kids (as you all know), SweetTarts, Reese's Peanut Butter cups...heck, pretty much everything!  LOL

Great Strides - 2 weeks and 3 days!
I'm so happy that CF Stinks has hit $8,000 towards our $10,000 goal - yay!! I know we can do it!!  If you would like to help us reach our goal, you can donate here:

My Birthday - 7 weeks and 1 day
I can't believe I will be 31.  I was so shocked and stressed about 30, I feel like I blinked and its about done.  Here's hoping I get to have another fun celebration :)  I'm thinking Vegas sounds fun!!

A New Vest - not sure how long...
I've started the insurance approval process for my new vest! Yay!! This old beast I have will be going out the door.  Hopefully soon than later.  I spoke with a rep from SmartVest yesterday and we are moving forward!  Let's hope insurance will help out *fingers crossed*.  I often find myself in the position where they think I am "too healthy" and don't need certain things.  Well, I am where I am because I take care of myself!! So, fork over the SmartVest!!


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