It's quiet on the bulldog front lately - thankfully!!  They are just happy as can be spending time at camp :)

However, we had a little incident with Stella this week.  Monday night, Will and I noticed her head was shaking...rather odd.  We went over to her and pet her and it would stop and start.  It went on for just a minute or two then stopped.  Then, Wednesday night - it happened again!  My friend (hi, Platt!) had come over so we could catch up on Bachelor in Paradise, when she noticed Stella's head just shaking.  I managed to get some video of it (we will see if I can get it to upload):

Of course, that got Will and I googling!  As usual when goggling, there are terrifying things that you read, but yet some indicated it wasn't major.  So, I called the vet this morning and they squeezed us in.  The doctor checked her out thoroughly and gave her a clean bill of health.  Thank heavens he is knowledgeable about bulldogs and their many quirks!!  He advised that they were head tremors which can be common in bulldogs and similar breeds.  There is not danger to them and its something that freaks us humans out more than anything.  He said to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't have any changes in behavior or temperament (as that can indicate a more serious problem) and just track how often they occur.
Patiently waiting at the vet 
Soooo...I'm still baffled by the sudden tremors, but beyond thankful it isn't serious.

Can't leave out my boy, Sarge

Now, it's time for some Gamecock football - GOOOOO COCKS!!!


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