I've been meaning to share some more info about T-Bone and our progress as a party of five.  Unfortunately, I caught the crud and was knocked on my butt last week, but I'm pretty much 100% better now - thanks to my wonderful CF Team and Cipro (750mg twice a day for 14 days).

But, back to the pupdate.

T-Bone has been in the family for 2 weeks now and he is such a blessing.  A little background on our big guy:  he was turned over to the Georgia English Bulldog Rescue this past June as his owners did not want him anymore due to his bad eyes and they believed he was going blind.  The GEBR worked their magic and fixed up his eyes, along with some bad ear infections and then he had knee surgery!  So, he had a busy almost 6 months in foster care getting better.  You can view his page on the GEBR website and get some more details of his care here.

We took T-Bone to our vet on the 11th so he could get acquainted with his new vet and get checked out.  He weighed 55.6 lbs and was such a good boy.  He rode great in my car and was perfectly behaved in the waiting room.  Dr. Groover gave him a full check up.  He noticed a little entropion in one eye (that's where the eye lid rolls in and then eye lashes can rub and irritate the eye).  He didn't think it was severe enough to need surgery at this point.  He agreed to keep using the eye drops that he had been on under foster care.  There were two different drops in both eyes, twice a day.  But, Dr. Groover was able to contact a compounding pharmacy and ordered us a combined drop - woohoo!  So just one drop in both eyes, twice a day.  He also had a bit of an ear infection, so they put a gel in each ear that stays in for 10-14 days.  Sadly, T-Bone didn't enjoy that very much.  I think he was mad at me :(
At the vet!
T-Bone does a great job getting his drops every day.  He doesn't put up much of a fight - nothing a treat can't fix :)  We have noticed that his peripheral vision is not so great...he can only really see you if you are pretty close to him.  Also, his hearing is rather bad - poor fella!  So, we make sure to make noise and not sneak up and scare him!  He is learning our routine and catching onto key words/phrases that we say all time - like "treat", "outside" and "kennel up".  He's even starting to remember that he has to get his face wiped after drinking water (so I don't have drool all over my house!!).

Sarge and Stella are adjusting to life with a big brother.  Some days they don't seem to mind him, and then some days they flat out don't want him here.  Same goes with T-Bone - its a love/hate relationship.  But, everyday we are making progress and they are getting along better and better!!  We bought T-Bone a bed of his very own, but he doesn't like it.  Sarge and Stella love it though...it should only hold one bulldog, but those two goofy things like to get all squished in it!
Stella and Sarge in the tiny bed
Handsome boy
Progress - T-Bone & Sarge on one bed!!
Three peas in a pod :)

While we are still in the transition phase, we are beyond happy with our decision to rescue!!  I had so much love for Sarge and Stella that I couldn't imagine loving anything else.  BUT I DO!! I love all 3 of my bully babies soooo much!

I am so happy that we rescued.  It brings a whole new aspect to having a pet.  We were able to give a home to a sweet guy that someone turned their back on.  He just wants to be loved too and we are happy to do it!!  I look forward to a long life of rescuing ahead!!  If you can't rescue, please consider supporting your local humane society or animal rescue monetarily or volunteering.  We love the GEBR - you can support them by donating: www.georgiaenglishbulldogrescue.org

Until next time!  I'll be busy with Christmas in a few days - still have some shopping to do - ahhh!!  Hope everyone enjoys the holidays ahead :)


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