I saw snow!

I'm sitting here catching up on the Ellen episodes I missed while I was out of town last week :)  Love Ellen!!!  And Channing Tatum just came on - yay, can't wait for Magic Mike XXL!! LOL - am I too old for that?  

ANYWAY!  I was off to Indiana last week to visit my fabulous family.  It was a blast, but I'm exhausted.  I don't know how you parents do it.  Definitely not made for kids here - I need sleep and 'me time'.  LOL.  But, I'd never pass up a minute with my precious nephew.  We had a great week hanging out, playing with toys, reading books, and looking for 'reindeer' (thats what he calls deer that are in the yard).  I also got to go to my sister-in-law's ultrasound (yep, I'm gonna be an aunt AGAIN!).  What a cool experience!!  I got to see 10 tiny toes and 10 tiny fingers, plus I heard the beautiful heartbeat.  Words can't explain what a miracle pregnancy is.

Here are some pics from my trip:
Playing with his train
Loved seeing snow!
Looking at the 'reindeer'
Couldn't love him more!
So, I got home last night to find my sweet bully babies ready to play.  And who wouldn't want to play fetch at 9 pm in the back yard?!  Love my pups!!
Everyone wants my attention
Sadly, I was a bad patient on my trip.  I didn't take my vest (I did fly, so that's my excuse).  I did take my HTS, but never did it :( WTF?  What's wrong with me?  I hate it when I'm lazy about my care.  I ate my weight in Sour Patch Kids, plus lots of other junk food, and drank lots of pop.  Oh my!  

I've noticed not doing my vest that I have extra gunk in my lungs.  My cough has increased and it sounds like there is crap rattling around in there.  AHHH!  So, I'm about to bust out the vest now and get it out!!  


  1. Cute nephew! If it helps, the hubby and I went through airport security with a G5 flimm fighter and nuk sanitizer last year and they let it through once we specified it was medical equipment. Not gunna say it was easy or quick, but you could probably get your vest through next time if you think it'd be worth the trouble.


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