CF Appointment

My appointment was Tuesday in Augusta.  I was anxious as I was coming back in 2 months rather than 3...since I was down a bit in June and put on an antibiotic.  I've been feeling great & doing my treatments, so I was hoping for some improvement in PFTs.   Here are the results:

                                 8/4/15         6/2/15           9/19/14
FVC                          94%              89%              111%
FEV1                        83%              81%              95%
FEF 25-75%            57%              61%              58%

I'm happy there was some improvement in FVC and FEV1, but as usual I want more.  I like last September's numbers much better.

So, they suggested I add another Hypertonic Saline in my routine.  HA!  I started Cayston today, so that's 4 breathing treatments plus 30 minutes vesting and at least 60 minutes of exercise a day...sure, why not add in 20 more minutes?!?!  Oh, they joys of CF.

Happily, all else checked out at my appointment.  I'll have all the annual blood work done next visit - boo!!!

Speaking of Cayston, I better get downstairs and do my 2nd treatment - oops!  Day 1 is always so easy to get behind on a treatment :/


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