The Gym

So, I'm kind of a gym rat.  I love waking up and heading there first thing.  I feel like I start my day off on the right foot.  If I miss a morning, I feel yucky.  I end up pigging out on junk food and being a lazy bum.

*Side note: now that Lent is over, I don't believe I've gone a day without candy - eek! So, I'm pigging out whether I go to the gym or not, so I need to go so I don't feel so guilty about my sugar intake.*

When I was in New Jersey a few weeks ago, I was fortunate that I could still go to the gym.  And even better, they do the same Les Mills classes that I do at home - score!  Going to a different gym can be awkward, but there are a few things that you can count on not matter what gym you go to:

1) The favorite instructor:  Not hard to explain here!  You can tell that a lot of people like the instructor when the class is full.  I enjoy high energy, someone that motivates and pushes you to add more weight, punch harder, or just not to stop when you really want to.

2) The 'My' Spot people: Ok, guilty.  I always go to the same spot in the class, and don't like when people are in 'my' spot! Like I own it?!  So, I'm cautious when I go to new classes that I try to sit back and look for an opening.  I don't want to be that person!

3) The spot shifters: what is that you may be thinking.  Well, to me, these are people that move out of 'their' spot and into yours (if its a combat class or Zumba, where we aren't fixed in a location).  These people end up creeping up on you...and nearly kick you in combat class.  How rude attention to where you are going! Stay in your little area and I'll stay in mine!

4) The slacker: what's the point of coming to a class if you aren't giving any effort?! These people look bored, don't follow the count or stay on beat with the instructor.  They just stand there (or ride the spin bike) looking at everyone else doing the work.

5) The yeller: this person just randomly yells out during class.  I'm not sure if instructors like this or not.  If the class is asked how were are doing, I believe its appropriate to cheer or give some encouragement back the instructor, but a random grunt or woohoo confuses me.

6) The gawker: this person doesn't welcome a new person to the class, instead they just stare at you.  I'm not saying I run up and start talking the ear off of a new person, but I smile and be polite. Well, I may glare if they took 'my' spot ;)

7) The non-sanitizer: this person doesn't wipe down the equipment when they get done using it.  I mean, there are towels and sanitizer spread out...clean up people, I don't want to sit where you just had your sweaty ass!

8) The tiny beast: this person is awesome! I love seeing a woman lifting heavy weights and really pushing their limits...and they don't look like a dude.  The big bulky muscly woman look is not for me...I want to be toned and defined, but not manly.  These ladies motivate me to keeping adding weights and push, thank you ladies!


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