The Teenage Dream

Saturday night I found myself in the middle of the American teenager's dream come true....seeing Justin Bieber in concert.  The arena was packed full of screaming (deafening screams, I must add), teary eyed girls watching and waiting for the moment that Justin appeared on stage for the very first time.  And when that moment occurred, I'm pretty sure you could hear the screams in space.  I think all of their hearts stopped beating for just a second as they stood in awe of their crush.  While I'm a fan of Bieber (hate me if you must), I'm not in the infatuated state of mind that 99% of his fans are in.  They still think they can meet him one day, hug him, kiss him, and some probably believe that they will marry him.  They worship him, believe he can do no wrong, and would die for just one minute with him.  Oh did it bring me back in time.

See I too was once the (probably unhealthy) star-obsessed teen.  But only my celebrity love was Justin Timberlake. I had the opportunity to see him (along with the rest of N*Sync) twice in one week.  And boy was it amazing!!!!  I had tickets to the show in Charlotte, NC but my parents let me drive to Greenville, SC with another obsessed friend and we bought scalped tickets at the arena...and they were actually pretty good seats!  I remember we even left the concert early to stand by the buses...and I still believe that Lance Bass waved to us!! Right, Kelly?! To us, that made our life!

While waiting for Bieber and looking around at the girls in the audience, I went back in time to waiting to see my Justin (like how I still think I own him - lol).  The hair on my arms stood as I thought of the emotions I felt at that time.  The desire, the joy, the love, the admiration.  I wanted to meet him more than anything in the world.  I believed that if he just had a second to meet me that he would fall in love with me...heck, I'd settle for being friends.  I just wanted him to know I existed.

To my dismay, my love with JT didn't come true.  I've continued to be an avid fan of his.  While my obsession still exists, its much more healthy and respectable.  I had the pleasure to see him in concert twice in 2014 and I made sure I got the best seats in the house...and low and behold, I got to touch him! What?!  Pretty damn cool.  I believe I reverted back to my 16 year old self for a minute.

I guess that's part of growing up.  Having those unattainable crushes.  Dreaming of being Mrs. Timberlake, Mrs. Bieber, or Mrs. whoever that next big name is.  Seeing your crush in concert, or maybe in a movie can make your feel like your heart might explode.

So, thank you to the Justin Timberlakes and Justin Biebers of the world for coming on tour.  For giving us girls just a little piece of our dream by seeing the concert.  I'm sure its awkward meeting obsessed fans.  But know that you bring such joy, give hope, teach about love, admiration and dedication.  You make dreams come true and nights that we will remember forever.

On our way to see Bieber!


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