Breaking bad habits

Oops...just found this.  Thought I posted on 11/29!

Well, I think I'm finally feeling back to myself! Unfortunately, my lazy ass still has not gone back to they gym.  Uhh.  Don't they say that if you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit?  Well, its been over 21 days of no gym, so have I formed a new habit?  I hope not!!

November has been a whirlwind.  I was fighting a sinus infection so that took up the beginning of the month, then I spent a week in Indiana visiting my nephew and niece, followed by Thanksgiving week at our cabin in WV.  I'm pooped!  I had a blast though and wouldn't trade my busy life for anything in the world.

Here are some pics from my adventures:
Me & Adam trying on hats at the store
Me & Allie hanging out
Thanksgiving Dinner
Playing International Rummy with the fam
Stella & T-Bone looking suspicious
Sarge soaking up the warmth by the fire
Hell froze over - they snuggled on the car ride home!!

I also developed some more bad habits while I was away.  I haven't been vesting.  I even drug the thing up to WV (not to Indiana since I flew).  But, so much excitement and things to do, I kept saying I'd do it later then never did.  I WILL GO DO IT AS SOON AS I FINISH WITH THIS BLOG!

While away, I started Cayston...lots of drama there with insurance.  I'll save that for another time.

So, I'm back home.  I'm trying to get back in my old routine of being a good CFer!  

And I need to get my Christmas shopping done.  Only bought 4 presents so far...uh oh!


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