Catching up on the CrAzInEsS !!

We moved! Well, technically our move isn't complete.  We moved out of our old house, but aren't in a new house yet.  All our stuff is in storage until we have a new place to move into.  So, where are we?  We are up at our cabin in West Virginia.  Not Virginia...West Virginia.  It drives me bonkers when people call it Virginia.  It's like calling South Carolina, North Carolina.  Different states people!  Sorry, I digressed.  This week, I'm up visiting in Indiana while Will and the pups are enjoying cabin life.

Things have been a whirlwind.  We started packing, then we had packers finish the rest and move our things to storage.  The good thing is that our cabin is just like being home.  I don't have all of my "stuff" but I have what I need - a kitchen, a bed, washer/dryer, tv, and internet (although its crappy).

Last week, I cooked 4 dinners in a row.  That's a record for me...haha!  Being 15-20 mins from town makes running out for a quick dinner not as easy.  So last week, I did good and planned our meals ahead.  I had to do a big shopping cause I only was going to town once.  At home in SC, I run to the grocery store most days just to grab a few things and whatever I may cook for dinner that day.  I know, not super efficient.

Stella managed to hurt her leg while we have been in WV.  So, she and I went to the vet on Friday.  Looks like a torn ACL (not sure if its full or partial).  She's on strict rest and has to be carried up and down the stairs  (much easier if we were in SC, as we only had about 5 to get off the back deck.  At the cabin, we have lots.  Poor Will!).  Hopefully she won't need surgery.  We will see how she does in a few weeks with some joint/ligament supplements and Rimadyl.

What else?  My vest reached its 200 hour mark! Wow!! I was shocked.  It gave me a notice that I needed a new filter.  I called the SmartVest number it said to and they had one in the mail.  Unfortunately I left for Indiana before it arrived, so I'll have to replace it when I get back this coming weekend.  

Speaking of the vest.  I changed up my settings a bit because I was feeling extra congestion in my lungs (I think due to all the dust while packing/moving).  So I'm now doing 20 Hz at 65% for 30 minutes.  I like it.  It's definitely shaking more stuff loose.  Two downsides to it: 1 - it's hot!  The more vigorous vibration must make the air warmer in the vest, so I sweat a bit while vesting.  2) it hurts my boobs.  So, got to make sure I'm wearing a good supportive bra.  Guys are lucky, they don't have to worry about their boobs getting beat up!

And you may be wondering when we will move to a new house.  And the answer is: I don't know!  Eek!!  We have a house back in SC that we are planning to buy when it's done getting a makeover, but we don't know when that will be yet.  Probably in November.  I'll be shouting it from the rooftops when I know when I have a new place to live!!  In the meantime, we are going to enjoy the fall in WV.  Couldn't ask for a better time of year to be "stuck" at our cabin!


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