CF Updates

Finally going to share my November appointment.  Being that is was nearly 2 months ago, I don't remember much about it! Here are my numbers:

11/17/17 8/9/17 11/1/16 11/3/15
FVC 99% 101% 99% 98%
FEV1 89% 89% 89% 89%
FEV25-75% 66% 61% 69% 68%

Looks like I'm holding pretty steady! Can't complain about that!!

I'm due to start Cayston this weekend, so my shipment of CF goodies should be arriving on Friday - yippee!  It's that time where I'll get my Cayston, Zenpep and Hypertonic Saline.  You're welcome insurance!😉

I'm feeling good.  I managed not to get sick while Will was down with the crud. Thank heavens!!!  I'm getting over the non-working out, junk food eating slump from the holidays.  I've got my motivation back.  I won't lie.  I skipped out on Monday because 1) I dreaded the spin bike and 2) I snoozed too many times (probably because of #1).  But I went on Tuesday, Wednesday and today - and had great workouts.  My stamina is still pretty good, as long as I'm not on the treadmill.  But, does anyone really enjoy the treadmill?  I wouldn't believe you if you said you did! LOL

I had my reassessment this morning.  I'm 141 lbs, which is up a bit, but my body fat went down a percent!  Don't know how when I've been drinking Diet Dr. Peppers and eating Sour Patch Kids non-stop.  😬

And I've started back with my vest.  I'm using the beast as I type these very words.  Good thing I'm not writing, or you wouldn't be able to read it.  I don't feel like I coughed any extra after starting back, but it's only a couple days in.

What else?  I think that's about it.  Nothing going on.  Just getting back into the normal routine of life.  Hopefully by this time next week, I'll have window treatments!! PLEASE let that be the case.  I'm tired of living in a fish bowl.

And because I can't resist, here's a picture of the pups!  After chewing and fighting over the stuffed lion, they decided to take a nap with him.  Goofy things!   I took them for a walk yesterday too since the weather warmed up to the 60s!  I'm ready for the cold though - I like to bundle up and sit by the fire!


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