Knocking out the Bucket List

CF is hitting all too close to home lately.  I know of someone that just had a double lung transplant.  I know of someone that was told they weren't approved to get a lung transplant.  I know of a little girl that lost her battle.  Why is CF so cruel?

CF will not defeat us.  We all fight.  We fight to breathe everyday.  We fight to spend every day possible with the ones we love.  We fight so that others can see hope.  I will not stop fighting.  I will not stop living.  For those that aren't able to do the things they used to do... I carry you with me in spirit as I live.  As I  breathe each breath.

Many people have bucket lists.  But how many of those people truly aspire to make those bucket lists come true?  Well, I'll tell you this.  I do!! I've come to realize as I get older (approaching 35 in June) just how fragile life can be.  I don't know if it's CF that makes me appreciate the little things, but I sure try my best to be grateful for everything.  Maybe not the person that cuts me off in their car, but I will appreciate the dog hair thats always on my clothes, not matter how much we vacuum or use the lint roller.

I am extremely grateful for my husband who sees my dreams and wishes.  He's my partner in crime and he busts his ass to help make those things come true.  Most recently, he gave me tickets to the ACMs (as my Christmas gift...I didn't get to collect on it until April 15th 😉)  But, we had a trip to Las Vegas with his brother and wife.  Just the 4 of us and it was a blast.  And the ACMs?  AMAZING!!  Julie and I got our hair and make-up done that afternoon and got all spiffed up for the show!  I don't have the words to express my excitement.  And that weekend, he knows my love for Justin Timberlake and he got us all tickets for his show (which was coincidentally in town that weekend).  Here are some pics:
Julie and me before the ACMs
The gang before Justin Timberlake

Not only Will, but my family and friends support my determination to fulfill my bucket list.  My bestie and her family got me piano lessons for Christmas!! It was my fault for the delay, but I finally started taking the lessons just 2 weeks ago! I LOVE IT.  It makes me sweat each class.  HAHA.  I grew up playing the clarinet, so thankfully I know how to read music (for the most part) and my stepmom taught me some basics on the keyboard when I was younger.  So it wasn't completely like throwing me to a pack of wolves, but that bass clef!  Those of you music people will know what I'm talking about.  I struggle, but I'm getting there.  My left hand definitely has a mind of its own.  I'm planning to continue my lessons and even want to participate in the recital in the fall!! 😄

I'm sure as I continue on my life journey, my bucket list will evolve.  Some things may not be as important as they once were.  And I know I will continue to grow my list.  I don't want it ever to be empty! I want to have things to work for and look forward too.

What's on your bucket list?  Pick one and make it happen in 2018!! You can do it!! And when you do, let me know.  I'd love to hear what you all want to do.


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