35 and Still Alive

I'm quickly approaching my 35th birthday and this year I want to do something a bit different!  Don't worry, I'll still celebrate birthday month 😉!!  I want to make my birthday about something more than me, about doing good and celebrating life, about being kind, about helping others, and about spreading love.

So, I have decided that for 35 days leading to my birthday, Will & I will make a $100 donation to an organization, a charity, or person/animal in need.  While I have some charities dear to my heart that I will contribute too, I also need input from you all.  If you know of something/someone that could benefit from a donation, please share that with me.  I know there are way more than 35 causes that could use support and it will be hard to select.  But I'm greatly looking forward to helping those I can.

Let the fun begin!! And yes, you mathematicians...it will be a total of $3,500!!

So, for Day 1....

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!!  I'm sure this isn't a surprise - lol.  The CF Foundation has been continuously making great strides into finding new drugs that make living with CF easier, and of course are working towards a cure.  Unfortunately I won't be making the CF walk this year (it's on Saturday), but that doesn't mean CF Stinks can't still help the cause.  So, I'm donating under my usual team and working to raise more funds.  You too can support CF Stinks' fundraising efforts here.

I'm proud to be 35 and still alive...living with Cystic Fibrosis and feeling healthy!!

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