It feels like forever since I've done a pupdate!  So, I'll catch you up on the life of my babies.

In September I had to take Sarge to the vet when we were up in West Virginia.  I noticed his one eye was starting to get a bit goopy, but it wasn't overly worrisome.  Until Saturday morning.  He could hardly open it and he wasn't himself, so it was definitely causing him some discomfort,  Thankfully we have a couple vet offices nearby our cabin, so away we went.  Turns out he had an ulcer!  Ouch!!   So we got drops, ointment, pain meds and some serum (they drew blood and spun it into a serum that you put in his eye - crazy!).  We then planned for a follow up back home in SC with our regular vet.  And when we did that, he was doing great and healing just fine!

As for Stella, she too had to go to the vet on 10/19 - the week before their scheduled bi-annual visit.  Of course, we couldn't hold off a week before getting an ailment.  Turns out she too developed an ulcer in her eye! WTF is going on?  How are these bullies getting ulcers?  Well, it could be from simply rubbing their faces on their bed or the floor, or also from something getting in the eye and then rubbing it.  Due to our backyard being a mess they don't have many places to potty at the moment, so they go back into the bushes a lot.  The leaves could be irritating their eyes - so we have stopped allowing that to happen.

We did the same process with Stella - eye drops, serum, pain meds. Unfortunately hers didn't heal as fast as Sarge.  I took them to their bi-annual visit on 10/26 and Stella's eye had actually gotten worse. My poor girl.  So, we took some fresh blood to make new serum and were to follow back up on Tuesday, 10/30.

At their checkup, all else (besides the eye) was great!  Good lungs & strong hearts!  They have gotten a bit overweight, so we need to lose a few pounds.  With all the meds, they get lots of treats so now it will be carrots for them! And now that the weather is cooling off, we can get outside and take some more walks!!

Hanging at the vet - look at those neck rolls!

At Stella's follow up on 10/30, there was some improvement in her eye - thank heavens!  If not, they were going to sedate her, and have her 3rd eyelid pinned up to help the healing...she'd be a 1 eyed pup for 2 weeks.  BUT, we didn't have to do it!! We go back Monday, 11/5 for another checkup.  Send my girl some happy thoughts please!!

Sarge trying to get Stella's attention!

Sweet babies

So fresh and so clean after a trip to the groomer!!


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