CF Study 2019

So I'm super excited to get to participate in another CF Study with LiveP (Laboratory of Integrative Vascular and Exercise Physiology)!  It's similar to the study I did a few years ago (read here), but it has a few changes.   Basically, it's studying the effects of antioxidant supplements on endothelial function and exercise capacity.  

I had my initial visit on 6/25 to get a baseline.  There they did a full body bone density scan, height, weight, lots of lung function tests and rode the stationary bike to my max.  Additionally, they added a new part for testing muscle function and that is done by putting electrodes on my calf and electrocuting me! HAHA!  It does kind of feel like that.  It stimulates the muscle to move like it would in exercise and they are monitoring how that goes.  It's weird to look at your leg and see the calf going bananas when you aren't doing anything, and then trying not to fight the urge to flex or stretch.  

A little something to brag about on my preliminary testing.  On the bike, I beat all of my past performances!! AND was at the level of some of the "healthy" 20 year old! Woohoo!!  Thank you spin class!!  I was stoked to hear that!! 

I went for my first (of 2) acute visits on Wednesday (7/10).  There they started by ultra sounding my arm, cut off the blood flow with a cuff for 5 minutes, then watched how my body handled that.  I know I'm not explaining it all correctly, but that's the best I got.  I had lung functions, blood drawn and then they gave me medicine.  It was either the placebo or the antioxidant - I won't know.  On my 2nd acute visit, I'll get the opposite.  I got to chill out for a bit and then they did the muscle function (aka electrocution) for 5 minutes straight.  Wow.  I really have to bite my tongue on that one so I don't cuss the whole time.  After a minute or so it isn't as awful, but it certainly isn't enjoyable.  Then, we did more arm ultrasounds, blood draws and finally the exercise capacity on the bike.  

I don't think I did as good on the acute visit.  I had skipped the gym for about 10 days while we were gone for the 4th of July and then I probably (ok, I did) pushed myself hard on Monday & Tuesday at the gym, so the legs definitely tired out faster this time.  Dang it!

Getting ready to start


It's fun but I'm hooked up to A LOT of stuff, as you can see, plus some stuff you can't see like the heart rate monitor and some of the electrodes on my chest and back.

I'm looking forward to my next visit with the LIVEP team!  They are fabulous people, by the way! 😄


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