Cayston Progress

With my crazy, busy life lately I haven't had much time to update on my Cayston progress.  I started this round on May 14th, so it traveled with me to Dallas.  I did well there, didn't miss a beat.  Airport travel was a breeze again.  I keep my nebulizer and handsets in my suitcase and put the meds with my toiletries (I carry on whenever possible to avoid the horrific checked baggage experience).  So, the meds run through the metal detector with my other "liquids, gels & aerosols". 

Then, this past weekend we went camping in West Virginia with Will's family & I packed up the Cayston again.  I managed to miss my last treatment on Saturday night - perhaps I was overly exhausted or it may have been the Margaritas and Pink Panty Pull-downs that I was drinking :)  I must add, Will's Uncle Charles makes some exceptional cocktails!!

So, I'm on track to finish on June 10th and then make up my missed treatment from camping on Saturday, June 11th.  Hopefully I won't miss anymore! 

I haven't rode my bike in over 2 weeks!  With all our trips, we just haven't had time.  We are hoping to get a ride in this evening, but we'll see.  I'm still in Zumba, which I of course missed in Dallas and only got to go once last week due to leaving town, but will be there tomorrow! So excited!

Other news - my CF appointment is Friday, so I'll share all the details when I get back - wish me luck!


  1. My wife is going to start Cayston tomorrow. I was looking through the internet tonight, trying to see how people were doing with for taking it, nasty side effects....

    Would you give Cayston two thumbs up? Anything you'd like to share would be helpful.

    1. Hi Charles - thanks for reading! Yes, I'd give Cayston 2 thumbs up! It can get annoying having to do it 3 times a day, but its so fast that its over by the time I start to complain. I feel like my lungs are much better since I've been doing Cayston...I love the way I feel when I can take a nice big deep breath of air. Hope all goes well for your wife!


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