Days 16 & 17

Day 16:  I am thankful for my Mom.  I got to spend some time with my Mom yesterday as we did some Christmas shopping - and we had a blast.  I'm still like a teenager somedays and my Mom drives me nuts, but yet I love her to death and call her a best friend.  I find the older I get, the more I am like her (the good things and the quirky things).  When all else fails, Mom is who you, granted she usually can't find her phone to answer, but she'll at least call me back when she finds it :)  Since we moved last December, I haven't spent as much time with her as I used to (we saw eachother most every day before), but it makes our time together that much more special.  Thanks for always being there Mom - love you!!

Day 17:  I'm thankful that I get some girl time this evening!  I'm going to see the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn with some friends tonight - woohoo!  I'm rather excited about the movie and girl time...sometimes hanging out with some gals is just what you need to relax.  I've got my nails painted black and have my Sour Patch Kids ready to sneak into the theather :)  


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