Book of the Month

My goal for 2012 was to read at least a book a month.  So far, I read 2 in January but totally blew of February - oops!  So, when it dawned on me earlier this week that I hadn't ready anything in March, I picked up Nicholas Sparks' "The Lucky One".  I actually read it a few years ago, but now that they movie is going to be coming out soon, I wanted to re-read it.

Sadly, it was like reading a new book because I didn't remember a thing!!  My memory isn't worth a flip these days and I don't know why.  I'm always forgetting everything!  If I don't write it down, chances are I won't remember to do it.  Hence, there is always a notepad on my counter where I write down things I need to do and can then check them off.

Back to the book - as usual of Nicholas Sparks, it was fabulous!!  Love, revenge, tragedy - all wrapped up into one.  Now I'm anxiously waiting the movie where Zac Efron will play the lead role - woohoo!!!  He's so cute (and talented)!!

Here's the trailer - I can't wait!!!


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