CF Updates

Last week sure seemed crazy!  I had an insurance change as of March 1st and of course this was not an easy transition having CF.  I typically use Walgreens for some refills and the CF Pharmacy for others (Zenpep and Cayston mostly).  So when I went to get my Zithromax from Walgreens with my new card, they told me that they didn't accept my new provider - great.  So, I headed over to CVS to get everything transferred over.  After about 45 minutes of waiting, I was told I could only get 3 Zithromax?!  My patience were gone, but I bit my tongue and asked why.  Apparently, the new provider didn't think I needed more than 3 - since when did they become my doctor!  So, I left without them since I was heading to my CF appointment on Friday and was hoping they could deal with the issue.

Friday rolls around and I am off for the afternoon at the hospital.  I started with blood work - 7 vials to be exact.  I was only expecting 1, so good thing I grabbed a bite to eat!  Then, PFTs which I was not very happy about.  My FEV1 was 86% - boo!!!  I blame the pollen for it!!  I've been having some sinus stuff and drainage with all the yellow gunk everywhere which makes me cough even more.  So, my goal is going to be back in the 90s for June.  Then, I saw Dr. Forseen and I was able to brag that I've been walking lately and doing Zumba (my classes were cancelled here in town, so I memorized a bunch of the dances and do it in my living room!).  But of course, I was told to work on airway clearance especially since I'm coughing and my lung functions decreased a bit.

Also, I asked the nurse to help with my prescription drama and she did!! Don't know what she did/said to them but my FULL Zithromax prescription was ready for me after my appointment.  Thank goodness - she is a lifesaver!!  I also picked up some Claritin for my sinus/allergies.

Other news - I finished my round of Cayston yesterday, so I'm excited for my 4 week break!!!  I'm feeling good and ready for this pollen to go away so I can enjoy outside again!  Even the poor pups sneeze when they go out!!


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