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Well, sadly I have already missed a few days - oops!!  But, I'm back on target :)  We did some traveling and surprisingly, I managed to do my treatments, but when I got home, I forgot!  I went for 8 days straight, then missed 3.  Here's my evaluation:

Time:  I don't like that it takes 15-20 minutes to complete one treatment.  But, I have very little patience when it comes to treatments - I wish everything could be pill form.  Although I am using the e-Rapid, I don't know that it is necessarily faster.  (*John and other HTS users - how long do your treatment last?)

Equipment: Again, I use a slightly different handset then most others.  I do notice that I get a lot of moisture build-up inside the handset (more then Cayston) and when I give the handset a shake, it dribbles out on me.  Also, after about 5 minutes of use, the fluid is below the receptor area (not sure the technical term) where the liquid gets converted to a mist.  So, the rest of my treatment, I continue shaking the handset to get the saline to keep misting.  The machine beeps when my Cayston is complete, but I have yet to have this beep.  Perhaps I'm not giving it enough time, but I figure that if the HTS is gone and mist isn't coming out...I'm done.  The convenience of using the same machine as my Cayston will be great...especially when I travel.

Results: I have noticed an increase in sputum (if you aren't a CFer or don't like reading about mucus...then stop here!).  The sputum is a thinner consistency then it normally was prior to starting treatments. Also, right afterwards...there is a salty taste.  Sorry to be so gross.  My coughing is a bit increased and it sounds like stuff is looser in my lungs.  Will said I coughed the second night after I started the HTS, but I slept right through it.  He said I haven't coughed any more since then that has disturbed his sleep :)  Overall, I'm happy.  I'm not hooked quite yet, but I don't hate it.


  1. Sorry, this is a long comment it's more like an entire blog. That is why I have to make two comments I'm sorry!......... I'm happy to read you have been using HTS and aren't seeing any lung problems from it. Woo hoo!!

    When I first ever read that you were using an e-Rapid or e flow machine for HTS I was really confused. Here is why I don't know anyone using those types of handsets for HTS. Before IV solutions took back my e flow unit I asked them if I could neb HTS with this unit. (They took back my e flow as I hadn't used any antibiotic in a year :) ) The lady said NO WAY to HTS via this device! She said that it will destroy the "head" of the machine. I assume you know what the head is that little piece that has the metal circle in it with a screen. That's how I remember it anyway. I also have read on forums about people asking if they could use the e flow or a device similar for HTS. The response was much of the same that their heads to the handsets were basically not working after a few HTS runs.

    Here is why I believe the heads do not last with HTS and you are needing to shack the solution around..... When you use HTS you notice how potent that stuff is right away. It's like inhailing the ocean or what I call eating an entire bag of soft pretzel salt for 15 minutes. There is no way that little "head" to that machine can withstand a beating like that twice a day every single day. That is why I believe your machine is acting differently than it would with cayston. The "head" is comprised of little microscopic holes that the liquid goes through and generates the mist that you inhale. If these little holes get clogged or if they are worn away the neb will not work correctly. The head has to be destroyed from this even within a week. I have read this from others as well. So its not only you experiencing this.

    As for the amount of time HTS should take you. I have read anywhere from 15-30 minutes. I guess it really all depends on what device you are using to inhale the saline. A key thing to point out is that when the thought of salt air was good for us they studied surfers. Surfers are in the water for long periods of time and not just 10 mins so they are inhaling all that salty air for who knows how long. When I go to the beach I can tell a difference when I am in the water getting smacked around by the waves more so than just sitting on the beach for 5 mins. To me that tells me it's a combination of being directly in the ocean water, time exposure to the salt air, and physically getting smacked by waves (kind of like airway clearance).

  2. Part 2 of my comment!

    I feel the longer it takes for us to neb HTS the better it will be for our lungs. In our CF lungs they are dehydrated so the HTS helps hydrate the lungs to cough out the mucus. It's kind of like brining a turkey with salt all the flavors come out in the meat. In our case we are brining our lungs and the mucus comes out. For me, I notice while I am vesting that towards my last 5-10 minutes on my vest I am the most productive with HTS. To me that tells me I am 15 mins into my treatment and I can tell my lungs are getting hydrated more. I suggest doing HTS while vesting as it will hydrate your lungs and you will be all shaken up to cough out the mucus. I honestly feel so much clearer through the day because of HTS. GET THAT VEST OUT CYSTER!!!!

    As for your compressior (e-rapid) you have another compressor you can use. Maybe one you would use for pulmozyme, albuterol, or something that you used before the e-rapid device? I think you will notice it will still take the same amount of time and you will see better results. You can even get a machine from Pari that you can use in the car. I heard good things about them. Here is a link.

    Lastly, I am not sure if you have read this post from my blog yet. It's all about effective airway treatments. Get out that Vest and HTS you will be glad you did as you will see results :)

    If you have more questions go ahead and ask.

    I guess this was a blog response on your own blog. LoL sorry!

  3. Mine takes about 15-20 minutes, but I use the LC Sprint. Totally worth the 20 minutes, HTS made a huge difference in my health! Although, I agree that I would totally prefer if everything was in pill form!


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