Study Update

Last Tuesday I went back for an additional portion of the CF study I'm participating in.  It was just like last time where my arm was ultrasounded (is that a word?!?!), had blood drawn, PFTs, and given a drug.  It was the opposite of what I had the last visit, so either the placebo or the sildenafil citrate (aka Viagra).  I relaxed about 45 minutes, then went back for an ultrasound, blood work and then did a max capacity test on the stationary bike.
Here I am all hooked up!
Just like last time, I felt nothing.  So now I have no idea which day was the placebo and which was the drug.   There was no flushing, no dizziness, no blurred vision...nothing.  I guess that is good.  Not sure if I did better on my bike testing one day then the other...will have to ask :)  So, since I felt no adverse side effects with either test, I was given a supply to take at home.  Beginning last Wednesday, I've been taking 3 - 20mg doses of the sildenafil citrate every day - see:

My little blue pills...that are white.
I'm on day seven now and have had no side effects.  I've been working out as usual and doing my normal routine.  All is well :)  I'll go back after four weeks on this dose and do the testing all over again.

On other CF news, I have my quarterly check-up on Friday!  Fingers crossed I get some good PFTs.  Feeling great now, so hopefully I will see some results of 8 months of vesting.  Wow - that's hard to believe I have been using it that long!  Stay tuned...


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