Being a Bully Mom

My precious trouble makers keep me on my toes.  Unfortunately, I told them it was Mother's Day yesterday, but they didn't quite understand.   They gave me some presents, just not what I was hoping for ;) So, my day started off with Stella running away from me (we were at our WV property for the weekend) which means I had to chase her down.  Fortunately she listened when I called her.  Then, we proceeded to have breakfast, which they inhaled in mere seconds, as usual, and then I get the look like I cheated them on food.

Will and I packed up to head back home.  In the course of packing, we noticed a nice bulldog stain on one of the beds and carpet.  So, I got to scrub vomit.  Then, before we could load up, they took their potty break.  And Stella struck again.  I had the joy of pulling the grass out of her hiney that was stuck (very carefully, of course).

Once in the car, we were serenaded by the many noises of three bulldogs...burps...snoring...and passing gas.  Fortunately windows roll down so we can get breaths of fresh air!

They got all dirty and stinky playing around at camp, so the day couldn't end without the back breaking task of bathing ALL three of them.  Then, that means you have to wash beds and blankets, and all the bulldogs stuff.   I'm happy it smells like clean dogs around here.

I'm so blessed to be a bulldog mom.  They can't say the words, but I know they love me :)  They test my patience and my sanity some days, but life would be mighty boring (and quiet) without them.

Sarge & Stella 
Sarge & T-Bone
T-Bone & Stella


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