Cayston Time

I definitely think my 4 week break from Cayston goes faster than my 4 weeks on Cayston.  I started my new round on Saturday.  As usual, my Cayston cough kicked in about day 2.

I sleep through my coughs most of the time (unfortunately, Will is disturbed).  I will say Sunday night and Monday night were unusually filled with coughs.  I had to get up to take a puff of my Albuterol Inhaler to soothe it, and some water.  Then, had to sleep sitting up...for some reason that is better than laying flat.

Now I'm on Day 6 and its pretty much back to normal. I am coughing up some more stuff, so the vest is being my friend and helping to get it out.

For the Cayston users out there...don't you hate the containers?  EVERY TIME, I end up with little (sometimes big) cuts on my fingers from trying to open the vial.  Why put a stupid metal top on them?  So, you may have noticed the top changed!  Its now a blue plastic piece that you lift up on to pull the metal off.  However, I think it may be even worse!  Probably 90% of the time, when I lift the blue part, it breaks off.  Then, I'm left trying to pry the rest off with scissors or whatever I can get my hands on...definitely not using my bare hands!

Oh the joys of Cayston!  My poor fingers hate it!  Will always grumbles about my starting cause he knows I'm gonna keep him up with my cough.

I have my CF quarterly check up next Tuesday, so fingers crossed, prayers, happy thoughts, or whatever you have to offer that all is well.  I'm anxious to see how my culture goes... maybe the Stenotrophomonas went away on its own?!?

*Sorry for any typos - I'm vesting, so the proofreading is a bit harder when my eyeballs are shaking in my head ;) *


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