Christmas Memories

I just wanted to share some of my favorite photos from Christmas.  As you can see lots of fun was had, and lots of food was consumed :)  After all, I plan my life around what my next meal will be.

First stop, New Jersey!
The family after church on Christmas Eve
Just a Christmas Eve Cayston treatment
The beautiful tree on Christmas morning!
The aftermath! LOL
Me and my sisters screaming about getting Justin Bieber concert tickets!  
Christmas Dinner!

Next stop, Pittsburgh!
So happy to love on my wonderful Pap!!
Wings, Suds & wings and curly fries me,
I've tried a million others and none even come close!
Another Pittsburgh staple, Beto's Pizza!
I sure had missed it! YUMMMM
Sarris Candies - they make the best chocolate covered pretzels!  I think that's how I won Will's heart in college ;)
This whole castle is made from candy/chocolate.
And while at Sarris, you must grab some ice cream too :)

I hate the all my favorite places to eat are in Pittsburgh, but that's probably a good thing cause I would never stop eating!! The great thing about Christmas travel is, calories don't count!!  Although my pants were a bit snugger when I got was all worth it :)

Since we flew, I didn't take my vest, but I had my Cayston and HTS.  Didn't get much exercise unless you count shoveling food in my face!


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