CF Appointment 8.22.18

It was a busy morning for me!  I had to get up a bit earlier than usual to head to my quarterly CF clinic.  Being that I was having my Glucose Tolerance Test, I wanted to get that started as early as possible.  Why?  So I could eat! This girl doesn't like skipping a meal! 🤣

I got checked into the lab first, where they started with 2 vials of big deal! Thankfully, I already had my other annual blood drawn in May, so that saved me.  Then, I drank the orange it just me, but I don't think it's that bad.  Yes, it's a bit thick and sweet, but I like sweet stuff. From there, I checked in for my 9am CF clinic.  I had my PFTs, met with the respiratory therapist, then the doctor.  I haven't been able to produce any sputum the past few visits, so I was determined to cough something up today...and I produced! Not much, but hopefully enough to test.  I want to know what's growing in these lungs of mine.  My nurse came in to give me my farewell paperwork and said I was due for X-rays too.

So, it was time for my 2 hour blood draw, so I went back to the lab for another quick draw then off to X-rays.  They were super fast with my X-rays too!  Then I was free - just under 2.5 hours.

I didn't have much to report to the doctors.  I've been feeling good so I can't complain.  I had skipped several vest sessions (and exercise) with all my travels in August, but I'm back home and back to my routine!

So, here are my numbers:

                        8/22/18         5/16/18         8/9/17         8/16/16
FVC                    99%             99%            101%            99%
FEV1                  90%             91%             89%             88%
FEV 25-75          68%             73%             61%             64%
*I'm on my off cycle of Cayston*

Looking good! They were happy with my progress and encouraged me to get back to my workout/vest routine.  So, I figured I'd start now and vest while I blog and update you all on my appointment!

Now, the hubby just got back home from Vegas, so it's time to go get dinner going! Cheers!


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