Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane

I did it - I went skydiving with my cousin Brittany on August 6th!!!  I don't have the words to explain the rush, the thrill of flying (or falling rapidly towards the earth), the beauty or the complete awe I felt from skydiving.  It was THE BEST and COOLEST thing I have ever done!  And......I want to do it again! 

Being me, I thought of every possible thing that could go wrong.  What if the parachute doesn't open? What if the plane crashes on take off? What if I come unhooked from my instructor? What if my instructor passes out and can't pull the parachute?  Yep, the questions went on and on in my mind, especially the few days leading up to the jump.  I even made a list of things I want my friends to have if I die!!  I mean, who does that?!?!  I guess I like to be overly prepared?!

Needless to say, the worry and the "who gets what" list weren't needed.  

I was up in Pennsylvania for my adventure - that's where my cousin lives.  So, I woke up that morning and felt pretty relaxed.  I took a walk around my Aunt and Uncle's farm, saying hi to the horses and cows, and just enjoying the fresh air on that beautiful morning.  Then, I headed over to my cousin's house.  We had about an hour drive (north of Pittsburgh) to get to the airport.  We both were excited and nervous - and were so glad her parents came with us.  

We arrived and were a bit in shock of what we saw.  It was just a small airport hanger type place right next to the airport (not really sure what I was expecting).  We signed our lives away and then waited.  Thankfully, we were early arriving so we got to be on the first load of jumpers (yes, there were more than one load worth that were as crazy as us!).

Me, Aunt Lisa and Brittany

Me, Uncle Brian and Brittany

Signing our lives away!

Uncle Brian wouldn't let me run away!

We were given a demonstration of what would happen and then got suited up!  Our instructors (tandem partner, whatever you call them) got us relaxed and excited.  Everyone was beyond friendly and made us feel safe and secure as we prepped.  

Then, it was time to load up!  Holy smokes!! The plane was little...and I don't like little planes.  I was more nervous of the little plane at that point then the jump.  HAHA!

I of course couldn't resist purchasing the video/photo package...so I have lots to share from my adventure!  

Taking off!

Brittany is about to jump! Bye Britt!!

I'm next! 

This is when Chris had us do a 360! 

We did it!!!
Sooooo happy!

It was more even amazing than I ever imagined it would be.  I'm so glad that I was able to skydive, especially with my wonderful cousin Brittany. 💕  

To top off our time together, we went to the Taylor Swift concert the next night in Pittsburgh.  Ah-mazing!! 

 It was a spectacular adventure and love that I checked off another items on my Bucket List.  Maybe I should add it back?  I'd definitely do it again in a heartbeat!!

If you care to watch the video, here it is: 


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