Eyes and Ears

March was the month for doctor visits!  Since my CF appointment, I've been to the audiologist and ophthalmologist.

First was the audiologist.  Being that the Tobi Podhaler can cause hearing loss, I wanted to be sure to get a base line.  Plus, I feel like I'm struggling hearing people talk - I'm constantly asking others to repeat themselves.  Long story short - I can hear just fine!! I scored 100% with no background noise and 80% with background noise.  So, maybe I have an attention problem and I'm not focusing on the conversation....or people are mumbling and that's why I can't understand.  Probably a combo of both.

Onto the eye doctor.  I have never been as I've never had any problems, thankfully.  I was feeling like I can't see as far away as I used to and at night the glare from lights bothers me.  I had my eyes dilated for the first time - I HATE IT!  It was so freaky sitting there as my vision worsened.  How in the world is it OK to drive yourself home?  I did, but I probably shouldn't have.  Fortunately, I checked out great!!  No glasses for me!  He said he could give me some to help with the glare at night but that it probably wouldn't be much better.  I was cleared for 2 years, unless something comes up, of course.  It took hours for my eyes to see straight again and the headache to go away.  Not looking forward to having that done ever again.

So, why do I feel like I can't hear and see when I can?  Beats me!  Will says I'm a hypochondriac - lol.  Either way, I'm happy to have a great report.

Now my new problem is that my voice is hoarse.  It started after being outside all day for Steeplechase.  So, I'm thinking its just my allergies or perhaps a side effect from the Tobi Podhaler.  I'm done with my Tobi cycle today, so we'll see if it has any improvement.

Maybe I really am a hypochondriac!! ­čś▒

Let's end with a funny pic of my goofy babies!  Have a great day!!


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