Waco Trip

I had a spectacular time in Waco last week with my super fabulous friend, Jessica.  She had a work function to attend in Dallas, so I got invited to tag along and we could explore Waco before her work stuff.

We got up bright and early Wednesday morning to get to Dallas by 9:40am.  We hopped in the rental car and made the rainy journey down to Waco.  Of course we were early and the hotel would not let us check in yet.  So we went exploring.  We made it to the Silos and had lunch from the food trucks followed by dessert from the bakery.  Due to the dreary weather, we were happy that there were no lines and we got to do everything without all the crazy waiting.  

We made it!!

LUNCH! Brisket taco! 🌮

Dessert Cupcakes 🧁

We headed back to the hotel for our 2pm tour with Waco Tours.  If you are a big Fixer Upper fan, you would appreciate that David Ridley (who was on the show) is one of the owners and he came to greet everyone and take pictures.  How cool!

Meeting David

We learned about Waco's history, and saw some sites outside of the Fixer Upper phenomenon.  But of course they talked about Fixer Upper and we got to go by some of the houses that were done on the show, plus we visited Harp Design!  

Even got a DDP on the tour - woohoo!

Rain wasn't going to stop our picture by the Harp Design sign.

Unfortunately we didn't have any Chip or Joanna sightings, but it was still fantastic.  I highly encourage anyone taking the Waco trip to look up Waco Tours - the customer service was top notch and just an overall fantastic experience!!

So, after our tour, we went on the hunt for dinner, which we chose Hecho in Waco.  Delicious! Then finished the evening at the hot tub at our hotel.  We didn't want to stay up too late - 1) we got up super early to get there and 2) we were going to Magnolia Table for breakfast. 

So, that was all on Wednesday! For Thursday, we again had spectacular timing and walked right in to Magnolia Table for our breakfast.  It was a really neat place, great customer service, good food and they even had another shop to spend money! So, we had to buy something there!  We headed back to the hotel and walked back to the silos to do some more souvenir shopping.  Then on to the Dr. Pepper Museum and Spice Village.  For lunch we hit the Twisted Root Burger Co before driving back to Dallas.  

Breakfast at Magnolia Table

Fresh Dr. Pepper at the Dr. Pepper Museum

Back to the silos before leaving

Cruisin' to Dallas

We were non-stop in Waco!  Once in Dallas, we got checked in to the hotel and decided to hit the pool for a bit before Jess had to go to her business dinner.  I grabbed a drink and a bite to eat while Jess was busy and we called it an early night.  Friday morning was early for Jess and I got to relax a bit before going to the spa for a massage.  

After the work part of the trip was done, we headed back to the airport.  We unfortunately got delayed on the way home, so it was 12:30am Saturday before I rolled back in the house.  BUT SO MUCH FUN!!  Unfortunately, no sleeping in on Saturday as that was Great Strides!  I did get to catch up on my sleep some on Sunday.  

Such a fun trip - definitely recommend giving Waco a visit, even if you don't love Fixer Upper.

We flew 922 miles and drove 117 to get there!


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