Again, time has flown by without a pupdate - oops!  Don't worry, all is well and they continue to keep me on my toes.  The end of 2018 and start of 2019 were busy with vet appointments.

If you recall, Stella was having eye issues in October (here) and she ended up having to have the procedure where her 3rd eyelid was "buttoned" to help protect and heal the eye.  Well, that only lasted about a day before she popped it off...  So, we changed cones to a hard plastic one and that did the trick.  Although the softer cone is more comfortable, it just doesn't hold up to a bulldog and she was still able to rub her eye.  So, by the end of November she was all healed.

On the way home with her "button".
Cone of shame

Then, Sarge decided he wanted another turn for an eye ulcer.  We were in WV the week of Christmas and had to take him to the vet up there.  Good thing we did - he had an ulcer!  So, more serum and drops and he finally healed - it took longer then the last one.  His eyes were foggy looking for weeks afterwards, and he still seems to have goopy eyes in the morning.

Spray cheese at the vet to distract him - it worked!! 

Onto January, Stella had a horrible case of the shits 💩.  EEK!!  IT WAS EVERYWHERE!!! Poor baby could not control herself.  She was up in the middle of the night going all over the house.  We ended up having to kennel her to keep it contained.  So the next day, which was a Sunday (of course), we took her into the vet as she started throwing up as well and there was blood in the poo.  Long story short, she had tonsillitis - what?!?!  I had no clue that dogs could get that.  So basically, all the bacteria in her throat was getting in her belly which was causing the diarrhea! 🤯  So, lots of meds later, the pooping stopped and she finally felt better.

February was just follow up appointments for both of them to make sure everyone was better.  And they were!! 🙌

March was quiet! THANK HEAVENS!!

Then just this week they had their bi-annual visit.  We got good reports even though there are some slight issues that we are watching.

Stella - she's had a head tilt since all this tonsillitis crap back in January.  She acts fine, no signs of seizures or anything.  She loses her balance every once in a while and actually fell in the pool this past weekend.  That's why we NEVER leave them outside unattended.  We had friends/family over after the CF walk so we were in the pool and she walked on the ledge and lost her balance.  Could be due to excitement of everyone and she lost balance squeezing by Sarge or maybe because of the head tilt - still not 100% sure.  So, we are just watching for any other changes and some funny signs the vet told us to look for.  She's also getting a little thick weighing 54 lbs.  Oops!

Sarge - He's overweight.  What else is new around our household - haha!  He weighed 58 lbs which I believe is the largest he's been.  It's WAY too hot outside to take them for walks so we need to watch the treats and up the green beans.  His skin is acting up and getting flaky, so he was given a medicated shampoo for weekly baths - lucky me.  Plus we are doing melatonin at bed time to help out.

That concludes the Pupdate!  My sweet butterballs will be 8 in July and I just can't believe it!  How did they get so old?!?!

Tubby Time! 

Supervising my vesting session

Enjoying a few minutes of sunshine!

Always wherever we are - kitchen, living room and even the bathroom. 


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