Day 68 Update

It's been a week and a couple days now and I've almost thrown in the towel a few times.  But, I'm trying to be strong.  Living without candy and pop (or soda as some call it) is tough.  Yet, it's something I pick every year to give up for Lent.  Perhaps I should change things up, but in all honestly, these are the things I love the most and I love a good challenge.

Surprisingly, its the Diet Dr. Pepper that I'm missing the most and have been craving.  I've had a few caffeine headaches since I haven't been drinking it.  Sadly, I was drinking a 20 oz DDP almost every day - oops! 😳  That definitely can't be good for you.  So, I'm making up my caffeine deficiency with hot tea.  And since it's been a bit chilly (and rainy in SC), its nice to sip on in the afternoons.  I'm pushing through these first few days/weeks that are always the hardest, but I'm counting down the days til I can taste that sugary goodness.

In Trikafta news, I'm on day 68.  All still going fabulously.  The munching is still in full force and I managed to eat another bag of goldfish in a day.  AHHH!  At least since I cut the candy out, I'm munching on somewhat healthier options.  You'll find me with carrots a lot trying to take the edge off.

At the gym today, the trainer had the group do 3 rounds of 10 cleans, 10 broad jumps and .25 miles on the treadmill.  It wasn't enjoyable by any means (I really DO NOT like to run), but I wasn't struggling to breathe!  That was pretty cool.  I was able to take nice deep breaths and keep my breathing fairly steady - woohoo!

Not much else going on.  Just keeping a close watch on the Coronavirus news.  As of now, there hasn't been any cases in SC and I don't have any travel planned until later in the month, but I may end up driving for that trip instead...still trying to figure that out.  But, we do have a trip in April and in May that I have flights for already.

Fortunately for me I'm not around a ton of people.  I go to the gym and the grocery store...that's about it.  LOL.  I'm washing my hands constantly and just trying to be careful.  And as always, being vigilant of people that "may" be sick.  Definitely not panicking about it, but it never hurts to wash your hands anyway!

And because its been awhile, here's a pic of my pups! 💗

I interrupted their nap. LOL


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