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I'm going to elaborate on my FB post from earlier today:  "why do I always see dogs running in the road?! TAKE CARE OF YOUR PETS PEOPLE!!!!!"

More and more, I keep seeing dogs lost and wandering down the road - back roads, main intersections & yes, even the interstate (last week I saw a dog just strolling down the shoulder of I-20 in Augusta)!  This is absolutely crazy and breaks my heart!!

Yes, I understand the little rascals can get out of the fence and break free sometimes even when we as their guardians are doing our best.  This happened to my mom's dog - when she was about a year old, she bolted out of the fence when someone walked in and ended up in the road (pretty busy street) and was even hit by a car!  Fortunately, she is fine & recovered fully - crazy thing still tries to sneak past you when you come in the yard.

But, its the people that don't care about their animals that totally rubs me the wrong way.  What's the point of having a pet if all you do is put it in a kennel in the back yard and throw it food every day (hopefully they do this) - pardon my language, but you are an ASS!  How about you spend your life in a 5' X 5' fence and I'll give you food & water whenever I feel like it...that would be abuse, so why is this not animal abuse?

I'm not even going to get into dog fighting - I'd love to hunt down the people that torture their animals and give it right back to them - an eye for an eye!!!    

Perhaps I am an overly-loving animal person, but hey, someone has too - there are far too many idiots in the world that could care less.

You may ask, did you help the dogs you saw?  You better believe that I have stopped more times than not to try to rescue the poor lost animal!!  Unfortunately, I couldn't stop on I-20, but he was doing a good job staying away from the cars, so I said a prayer for him and fully believe he made it safely off the interstate.  My mom will vouch that I have brought home dogs, cats, gerbils - anything that moved, you could count on me taking it home!

So, please take care of your pets.  They depend fully on you!!

Here's a little love for some loving animals:

My sweet Sophie:

Some little faces that want love too:


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