Spoiled Rotten

I woke up earlier than usual this morning as Will and I drove to our office in Greenwood (rather than working from home).  Will was a bit lazier than me and stayed in bed for the extra snooze.  So, I got up, went into the bathroom and started getting ready. I was a considerate wife that shut the door when I turned on the lights so that I wouldn't disturb Will too much during his extra few minutes in bed.

A few minutes later, I hear Will get up and then he appears in the bathroom.  Funny thing is, he shut the door behind him.  I stood there for a second thinking "why did he shut the door?"  We don't typically shut doors unless we have company or one of us gets up and doesn't want to disturb the other.  Then, I figured, he didn't want to wake Sophie - THE DOG!  How funny?!?! 

So, our sweet little bulldog stayed sleeping until we were dressed and ready to go.  She gets to come with us on our days in Greenwood, which she loves!

To some people, a dog is just a dog.  But to me (us), Sophie is a part of the family.  I honestly don't know what we would do without her - life would be sooo boring.  She has the ability to crack me up no matter what my mood.  She knows just the right moments to burp or fart - sad to say, yes, these noises make me laugh.  I love that little thing more than I could have ever imagined!

If you haven't hugged your dog today - be sure to give them a squeeze and tell them that you love them - Valentine's Day is on Monday after all!


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