Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!  Will & I don't really celebrate the holiday - I tell him that he better show me he loves me everyday!  I don't want flowers and candy just cause the commercial holiday says I should get some.  I want them when he feels like being sweet - just last week, he bought me 2 bags of Sour Patch Kids - that made my day week.  The way to my heart is food :)

I got to thinking about the holiday and how I remember people saying Valentime's Day - that annoys me beyond belief.  Perhaps I started disliking the holiday when I was young because it annoyed me that people couldn't say it right.  Just like liberry - makes my skin crawl - its library people!!  And do not axe me a question, ask me it.  I'm not perfect & don't pronounce things correctly all the time, but these are pretty simple words - right?

Oh well, can you tell I'm annoyed today?  Just one of those days - I'm frustrated at work, so I take it out on apologies.

Have a great day!!


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