Farewell Cayston

I'm done - yay!!  I finished my 4 week Cayston cycle today :)  I would have been done yesterday, but I missed 2 treatments this past week that I never got to squeeze in so I made them up today.

For some reason, this 4 weeks seemed like it took FOREVER!  I'm going to be starting Hypertonic Saline (HTS) soon, so I'll be happy that I won't be on Cayston as well when I start.  I think I would lose my patience with doing the extra treatments if I had to start out doing HTS twice a day and the Cayston 3 times a day...

Update on the HTS.  I received the meds, I'm starting with 7%.  Still waiting on the handsets.  For some reason the CF Pharmacy didn't get that order so my doc had to resend it last week.  And, I just talked to them again today, and they still say they don't have an order...very strange!  So, hopefully all will be taken care of this week so I can start it while I have some motivation to be a good patient :)

But, until it arrives, I'll enjoy the few extra minutes of sleep in the morning!


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