We are THOSE people...again

Thought I would fill you in on the insanity that is my life some days.  Well, my beloved four-legged children have decided to lose their minds and start running off....again.

It has been a while since the pups decided to run away from me while in the back yard.  To give you a visual, we are 3/4 fenced in...the back and 2 sides, but just haven't connected the sides to the house yet...no good excuse :/  BUT, it is being installed tomorrow...the fence people dropped off all the stuff today!!

So, we got home from dinner and I ran the dogs out for a quick potty break.  I usually don't use a leash because we run out and then back in...but they were distracted by the fence parts which led them to the far side, which enabled them to see down the driveway.  And they thought it was fun to bark at the fence...strange, I know.  But then, they happened to notice a man walking his cute little boston terrier right in front of the house...and BOOM, they took off.

The man stopped and the poor pup was squirming and trying to get a way from my 50 pound monsters trying to sniff her and show them it was their house.  Granted, they are not mean and I know they would not maliciously hurt a dog but heck they are BIG, fat things and terrifying to see charging at you.  So, I ran after them in hot pursuit...yelling at them like a crazy person...not sure what words came out of my mouth.  I grabbed them at the end of the driveway and apologized profusely to the man.  He kindly smiled and said it was OK.  I told him the fence would be in tomorrow!

So, I coerce the crazy kids back up the driveway when my neighbor catches my attention and we chat for a few minutes when Will pops out to join us.  The pups are distracted by our kind neighbor giving them love UNTIL another innocent walker and their dog approach our house.  And again, gone.  This time just Stella (for the time being).   I run (yelling) after her and Will stays back with Sarge.  The poor pup she is harassing now is making a lot of racket...heck, I would too!  Then, this pup wiggles out of her collar and takes off down the road!!!!

So, Stella is running now too!  Although she is a bulldog, she is fast as lightning.  Then, here I go right after them....screaming Stella's name...and probably a few profanities.  I was so mad I don't really know what happened.  Thankfully, these folks only live 2 doors down and the dog ran into her open garage trying to escape the beast.  I catch up to Stella outside of their garage and see Will running after us.  Will grabs Stella and I try to calm the other dog down but she isn't real thrilled with me, which I don't blame her...but she is safe on the stoop in the garage.

I'm panting and seeing red when the kind woman who lives there came up her driveway.  I then see Sarge charging towards us!  The little rascal escaped the grip of my neighbor when Will came running after me.  I capture him.  I again apologized profusely as the poor pup comes out to greet her owner.  Unfortunately, this is the way I met my neighbor : /   While I'm promising to bring some treats over tomorrow, Will coaxes the pups back towards the house.

I catch up and carry Sarge all the way back up the driveway to the back door while Will gets Stella.  I'm still exhausted thinking out the events of the evening.  I didn't make it to the gym today, but still got my cardio in!

Hopefully we won't get any hate mail from the home owners association...eek!  And I'm so thankful a car didn't come down the road...we don't get a whole lot of cars on the road, but those that do drive by are typically going too fast!!

Oh these pups will be the death of me!  Couldn't be happier for the fence tomorrow!!!


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