CF Update

Quick update:  Almost done with this round of Cayston - woohoo!! My last day is Friday, 4/15.  Again, I must brag that I was a pro & didn't miss a treatment.  I even took it to NJ with me last weekend - no problems at airport security :)

Got the results from my sputum culture from my March CF clinic.  As normal, Pseudomonas was present, but I also cultured Filamentous Fungus - huh?  That's a new one for me, so I emailed my doc & CF nurse immediately.  They said it shows up in CF patients sometimes, but is nothing to worry about now and I don't need any meds to make it go I'm hoping it goes away on its own!  It better!

Cough has increased slightly, perhaps from the traveling, but feel just fine & dandy.


  1. Hey!
    I had no idea you had CF! Glad I found your blog on facebook :)


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