Ready for Easter

I'm beyond ready for Easter!  I can bust out my new white pants which I've been dying to wear and can devour my stash of Sour Patch Kids.  I actually did it - I didn't have a single one.  I almost had some Sour Patch Jelly Beans, but figured that my be cheating, so I saved them for Sunday too!  Every time I open the pantry, I have 3 bags staring back at me - ahh, the torture.  But I kept them there on purpose to show myself I can do it!  So on Easter, I'm thinking one bag for breakfast, one for lunch and the other for dinner.

Darn the Easter candy aisles though.  I was strolling down one the other day and it was torturous!  Not only have I given up Sour Patch Kids, I'm trying to watch what I eat in general so I can get in better shape.  I just wanted to eat everything in sight, even the stuff I don't like.  I bought some goodies for my friends/family BUT NOT FOR ME OR WILL.  I came home and munched on some carrots to fight off my cravings - not so yummy when you wish they were candy.  Sunday will be here soon enough and I'll binge on all the goodies from the Easter bunny :)

Just concluded week 1 of no Cayston and I'm feeling great :)  Although, I keep feeling like I'm forgetting to do something...then I have to tell myself I'm not - its my off time!

Got the results from Sophie's cardiologist and he confirmed her vet's findings of an enlarged heart and prescribed some meds....Enalapril (7.5mg - twice a day) & Spironolactone (25mg - once per day).  Before long, she's going to be taking as many pills as me :(  She's still acting as her normal self, so I'm trying to be positive and keep our spirits up that all will be OK.

Just started reading a new book, "Something Borrowed" by Emily Griffin (I think - don't have it in front of me).  I saw the preview for the movie that's coming out & I like to read the books first, just so I can critique the movie and find all the differences.  Speaking of movies - can't wait to see "Water for Elephants".  I read the book a year or so ago not even knowing about the movie.  Looks like Will better be planning some date nights for us!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Easter!! 


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