Not again!

I've reverted back to my teenage years it seems.  My face has been breaking out in spots a bit lately - I mean, who gets pimples at 28!?!?! Annoying!!!  Then, just the other week, I broke the permanent retainer that's glued behind my front teeth.  So, I had to go back to the orthodontist and have impressions made of my teeth.  Rather than putting a new wire on, they gave me a retainer - eek!!  At least its one of those clear plastic ones and I only have to sleep in it.  BUT, so not cute.  It make my teeth sore and I talk funny.  Oh well, the price we pay for straight teeth.

On another note, my Cayston arrived yesterday and I'll start my treatments on Saturday.  I still have this stupid cough, so I'm anxious to see if the Cayston helps.  It will be a year in September that I first started Cayston - crazy!  I've very proud of myself for actually sticking with a treatment.  Now, if I will only start using my vest...hmmmm.  Don't hold your breath!


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