Puppy Shower?!?!

Sarge and Stella will be here in just over a week & I am getting even more excited (if that's possible).  It got me thinking though.  We have showers for weddings and babies...why not pets?  I'm game for a puppy shower!  I would happily throw a friend a puppy/kitten shower.  We need stuff for them too: beds, kennels, treats, food, bowls, shampoo and toys galore (especially if these pups are like Sophie where it is the mission to completely shred and distroy the toy). The list could go on, trust me, I have a list of things we have to pick up this weekend before they come!

We all cater to people - and the sad thing is, most people only get invited for a gift!  Don't think I don't question why I get shower invitation from someone I haven't seen/spoken to in years!!  But, we won't go there...

*Disclaimer - I'm not asking for anyone to get us anything, just thinking about those of us that don't have 2 legged children*


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