Another Pupdate

Its obvious that my life clearly revolves around my puppies these days.  I'm OK with that.  In fact, I love it...I wouldn't trade it for anything.  So, for those that don't love hearing about my adorable bulldogs - sorry, I'm at it again!

Will and I went out of town Sunday night for a fabulous adventure to the BMW factory and driving school (more on that later).  So, we decided since it was just a night that we would board the puppies at the kennel, which is part of the vets office.  I was nervous of course and teared up dropping them off.  I had not been away from them since we got them...but I was a big girl and got over it.  Anyway, we made it back to pick the pups up on Monday evening before they closed and man were they happy to see us!  Those little butts just wiggled!

We were afraid the kennel would confuse them on their potty training - well, it did that plus some.  Monday evening they both had an accident in the house - Sarge found it fun to pee on the new bed I had bought them - how sweet.  The kennel was dry when they woke up Tuesday morning, but it went downhill from there.  I noticed Stella was squatting a lot when I took her out - I'm talking 7-8 times in just a few minutes.  She was straining a bit as well.  Then when I let them out at lunch, the kennel was soaked, they were soaked...what a mess!  So out we went and I noticed Stella was acting funny again when she was trying to use the bathroom.  She ended up rolling on her back for me to rub her belly and I noticed there was blood :(  So, a quick call to vet and they suggested I collect urine samples to bring in - haha!

So, I grab some plastic cups and stalked the pups in the yard...poor things weren't sure what I was doing.  I wasn't able to get much from Stella other then some drops of blood...Sarge gave me a nice sample like a good boy.  So, I loaded Stella up (since I didn't get enough from her) and took Sarge's sample to the vet.  Thankfully, Stella had an accident on the vets floor so they used that rather then having to extract it from her - ouch! 

Anyway, turns out Stella has a bladder/urinary track infection :(  So, she now has 3 medicines to take to help clear it up.  Poor girl, you can tell she doesn't feel good and its so sad to watch her trying to go to the bathroom.  She has no control too!  Will was holding her on Tuesday night and she peed on him!  I found it rather funny as he was gagging...its just some pee and he's cleaned it up off the floor...I guess its different when you are peed on!  However, she did get me too that evening and I had no gagging reflexes...guess us moms are tougher!

She's starting to feel better but still not able to make it in her kennel without an she and Sarge are sleeping separately until she is all better.

Sarge sleeping while sitting up - the morning after going to the tired boy!

Stella sleeping on the way home from the vet...another tired pup!


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